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工学部で「多様性の広場」の設置 - Creation of a "Diversity Square"


1. グローバルで多様な社会についての意識を高める。
2. 海外協定校との連携および外国人留学生について周知を図る。
3. 参加学生の実践英語力を養う。
4. キャンパスに花や緑があふれた快適な空間を創る。

1. Raise awareness of global and diverse societies.
2. Collaborate with partner schools from overseas to bring awareness about international students.
3. Develop practical English skills of participating students.
4. Create a comfortable space full of flowers and greenery on the campus.


米沢キャンパスのグリーン化推進英語活動 English Activity to Promote Greenery on Yonezawa Campus


Currently, about 90 international students from 12 countries are enrolled at Yonezawa Campus. While they are not always visible, this equates to about 2.5% of the total number of students on this campus. Interestingly, this is nearly the same percentage as foreigners in Japan as a whole. Considering the unseen diversity, faculty and gender equality staff on campus have also expressed the necessity of raising awareness of LGBTQ+ on campus.
In this project, we will upcycle planters located in the square in front of the student cafeteria. Until now, this area has not been well maintained, but this project hopes to create an environment that increases interest and awareness about our multicultural society. The upcycling and maintenance will be conducted by the International Exchange Center as an English activity for both foreign and Japanese students and staff. Both participants of the activity and students and staff who notice the beautification will be greatly impacted. By partnering with the Okitama Agricultural High School, the flowers will be attractive and locally-raised, and we can deepen our exchanges and cooperation with our local community.
After cleaning the old planters and planting the new flowers, we will install panels designed with LGBTQ+ flags and the country flags of our overseas partner schools. The square will be refreshed, and everyone who walks by will become more aware of the diversity on our campus. This project will be completed by students and staff after first considering the local weather and COVID-19 safety restrictions on campus. Therefore, the exact dates are yet to be determined.

The new square

We are working hard!


国際交流センター のHP



工学部国際交流センター (Karolin Jiptner, 仁科浩美)






Jessie Takeda, 置賜農業高校